VSTS and Git Integration for Deploying to Azure – Part 1

At work we use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) with git and in this post I’ll walk you through our development process for writing code and deploying it to a demo site on Azure.

I have become a big fan of VSTS, it has some cracking functionality built-in which saves you a lot of time and effort.

I will cover the following:-

Using Visual Studio 2017 with the git integration tools

So I open up Visual Studio 2017 and I first of all need to update my local copy of the master branch and pull down the latest version.

To do this I select Sync as shown above and then I choose fetch to fetch the latest commits and pull to pull them all down as below.

Ok, so now I have the latest code from the master branch as seen below.

Now I want to run the master branch and see if everything is good and check whats changed with the commits I pulled down but before I can do this I need to apply some local settings.

The reason for this is we have a number of Azure Services being used like event hubs etc and I have a local settings json file with my settings which I never check in. To apply these local settings I saved them into a stash and I will show you how I apply my stashes next.

So I click Stashes within Team Explorer and then I see the following.


And now I right-click on local settings and select apply stash, and this will apply my local settings to the project allowing me to run my own event hub instead of the one on our demo site as an example.

In order to get the Git Stash Extension you can download it from Extensions and Updates from the Tools menu within Visual Studio.


In Part 2 https://gregorsuttie.com/2018/08/24/vsts-and-git-integration-for-deploying-to-azure-part-2/ – I’ll show you how to use VSTS build pipelines to build and test your code and then deploy it to Azure.