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Azure Exam DP-420: Study Guide Designing and Implementing CloudNative Applications Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB (Beta)

The following will be my study guide for the exam along with the following labs:-

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Design and Implement Data Models (35–40%)

Design and implement a non-relational data model for Azure Cosmos DB Core API

Remember a lot of this content is covered in the following GitHub labs:-


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AI-102 Azure Study Guide

In this blog post I cover all of the resources I came across whilst studying for the AZ-102 Exam

AI-102: AI Engineer on GitHub: –

And this too:-

Plan and Manage an Azure Cognitive Services Solution (15-20%)
Select the appropriate Cognitive Services resource

Azure DP-300

Azure DP-300 Exam Study guide

Plan and Implement Data Platform Resources (15-20%)
Deploy resources by using manual methods

DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals

Happy to share that I sat the Beta for this exam and passed – here is a link to my study guide

Another exam done, and the data side of Azure is something I would love to explore further if I ever get the chance.

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