VSTS and Git Integration for Deploying to Azure – Part 3


In Part 3 I will cover how to create a Release off of a Build we create from Part 2 https://gregorsuttie.com/2018/08/24/vsts-and-git-integration-for-deploying-to-azure-part-2/

So to create a new Release we click the plus icon as shown below – nothing like consistency in the ui ๐Ÿ˜‰


So again we get to choose a template this time for our Release Pipeline like so.

After I choose Azure app Service Deployment I get this screen.

Here I get to change the Environment name, so I edited Environment1 to be Development and then I need to select Add next to Artifacts to choose the deployment artifacts (the files i wish to deploy)



Here I am selecting the artifacts to deploy, I have chosen the Source Type as Build and the Build Pipeline both from part 2 and given the Release pipelineย a name and then I click Add.

Now we can choose to setup release based on a number of things, we can make them manual or automated deployments based on triggers etc.

One example is a scheduled trigger and you can set this up by clicking Schedule release trigger as below.


With VSTS there are is a tonne of options to try out, its very easy to have either manual builds and manual releases and just as easy to have fully automated build, test deploy pipelines.