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Global Azure Bootcamp – Glasgow April 21st 2018

Saturday April 21st was the day for the Azure Global Bootcamp which say people attend user groups all around the world as you can see below, so we all spent a day as the Azure community learning all about Azure in many different ways from speakers all around the globe.

I took part and my talk was on learning Azure and becoming ready for the exams into the bargain.




As promised here are my slides:- HowToLearnAzure3

The Glasgow event was awesome and we also had Analben Mehta talking about serverless and Azure Functions and then we had Kenny Lowe talking about Azure Stack, great content and lunch and beers/soft drinks provided, all in all great to be apart of and hopefully people enjoyed they’re day.

Hope to see the people attended at the next Glasgow Azure User Group.

The Power of Logic Apps in Azure

Logic Apps in Azure is probably one of my top 3 favourite features in Azure at this time, if your software exposes api endpoints you can do pretty much anything.




“Out-of-the-box connectors reduce integration challenges. You can connect apps, data and devices anywhere – on-premises or in the cloud – with our large ecosystem of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based connectors that includes Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services and more.”

Find out more about Logic Apps here

The reason why I like Logic Apps so much is the almost endless possibilities, we all have systems running where we have some sort of logic, maybe its a service that runs and then sends an email as a very simple example.

Imagine you could write an application to do a lot of logical steps using almost anything you can possibly think of within reason and write the application without every writing a single line of code, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Let me show you some of the connectors you can use and then I will talk about some examples when Logic Apps could be very useful indeed.











So the list on the right is just some of the connectors (there are a LOT)


Here are a few examples of where you could use Logic Apps:-

  • When Sharepoint is changed notify people via anything that has an api (chat, email, bot, etc)
  • When your build fails due to a test failing, email that person with a shame picture from the web.
  • When a new project is created, spawn off requests to do whatever you need to do.
  • When a new team member joins, automate adding them to AD groups etc

    The take away from Logic Apps is that if the software has an exposed api you can do pretty much anything you want and the logic is created via a designer which needs next to no training, its very very simple and has enormous potential.