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Create Serverless event Sept 30th

As part of Serverless September there is a very cool event happening on September 30th (starting at 08:00 am Pacific Daylight time) to which I would like to draw your attention.

As you can read above it a one of a kind live event, and who doesnt like a live event right?.

Some of the brightest minds come together to present to you on a number of sessions throughout the day.

If you haven’t looked at anything serverless before, or haven’t kept up to date with what’s new then this is your chance for one day to ramp up your learning by learning from the best.

There are sessions on all sorts serverless related including: –

Developer hacks
Serverless Best Practices
Low-code Serverless Applications
Serverless Security

Check out the list of speakers which include:-

Simon Cotin
Allison Kunz
Linda Nichols
Dona Sarkar
Jennifer Davis
Marie Hoeger
Gwyneth Peña S
Lian Li
Floor Drees
Nitya Narasimhan

Check out the website for much more detail at: –

Go Sign up now and let you’e friends and colleagues know about it too.

Thanks Gregor!.

DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam Study Guide

Describe core data concepts (15-20%)

Describe types of core data workloads

Azure Greg – YouTube Channel

Today I am announcing my official Azure Greg YouTube channel – this is where I will be recording demo videos and showing tips and tricks I pick up as I go – feel free to subscribe and get notified of the content as I release it.

I have a few videos up already which include the following: –

  • Rehearse your talk with PowerPoint Coach – Here I show off how to use a feature in PowerPoint called Research with coach, this helps you when rehearsing your talks. The AI feature listens to you as you present and gives you feedback during and a report at the end with tips on how to improve.
  • PowerToys – how to install and start using it for Windows.
  • Learn about Hugo – How to get up to speed once Hugo is installed, you can use this to create your first ever blog using Hugo.
  • How to install and customize the Windows Terminal – In this video, I take you through how to install and then customize the Windows Terminal.
  • Azure Resource Graph – In this video, I demo Azure Resource Graph and talk about an example JSON file you can use for any subscription which will give you an excellent inventory of your Azure resources.

If there is something you would really like to have me cover in a short video please do let me know. I will conduct twitter polls from time to time to ask what people would like to see.

Thank you to the current subscribers – there is a lot more content on the way.

Azure Tips n Tricks

I have had a fair bit of time recently and spent most of my time learning the content I wanted to learn, nice to have that time right?

I have been going through the Azure Tips n Tricks website and videos created by Michael Crump, you can follow Michael on Twitter and please also check out his twitch stream which is a lot of fun.

There are currently around 260+ blog posts and videos which cover a number of Azure tips and tricks and I reckon everyone will learn something by checking them out, I have learned a tonne of new things already.

Here are a list of some of my favorites so far: –

Plenty more to go through, but I do recommend everyone has a look at them as you will absolutely learn something new.

What have I been up to since I was furloughed?

So April 2020 has been an interesting month for me personally, the project I was doing at work got paused due to the customer not being able to support remote working, work had nothing in the pipeline for me to do so I got furloughed, wow talk about being kicked in the nuts, but rather than complain, let’s use this opportunity to learn.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me, they know who they are and it’s hugely appreciated.

If you know me then you know that I am always learning, always setting myself goals for the months ahead and so I decided to not write blog posts or produce content for the time I’m furloughed and spend it learning. If I had to write down everything I wanted to learn and read about it would turn into a book itself.

So that being said I wanted to learn containers and GitHub Actions as the first 2 port of calls and fit in some extra community work in between that.

I have probably done more community work this month than in the past 3 or 4 combined and it been amazing – being able to work from home and just get on a call with folk wanting to learn something or getting on a call to help someone figure out an issue has been very sweet. Being able to moderate Michael Crump’s Twitch stream has been super cool, twitch is something I think has a very bright future.

Working from home (albeit not actually working) is amazing, its so much more productive than working in an office or out on-site at a customer.

The following is a list of just a few of the things I’ve accomplished this month, it doesn’t cover the hours, the calls, the number of times I had to change the schedule fo the gav event – would I change what I did if I had the month over – nope!.

  • Global Azure Virtual 2020 – One of the organisers, website creation, speaker sign-ups, chasing people for content, updating the schedule. Also a moderator on the 3 day which was the Live Stream (9 hours).
  • Moderator and participant in Michael Trumps Twitch Streams covering Azure app config, Live Share, GitHub Actions, WSL, and other more general fun topics.
  • Spoke at the Belgium User Group – on Supercharging your Azure Learning as part of the Belgium Community Week
  • Spoke at the Boston User Group – on Supercharging your Azure Learning.
  • Time spent doing Pluralsight this month learning GitHub Actions.
  • Completed Cloudskills course on – Docker Jumpstart.
  • Microsoft Learn learning – 3 modules complete.
  • Microsoft Products Groups (10 PGI’s)
  • Mentoring several people with starting blogs, learning Hugo, exam study guides, and people looking for advice on how to become an MVP.
  • Created a DP-300 Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azurestudy guide: –
  • Spoke 1-1 with more a number of community people which a probably the best part of being off.

In May I plan to brush up on my SQL and PowerBI skills and looking forward to that, it’s been a few months since I touched either.

Still amazes me just how many great people I have spoken to this past month and it’s been a blast.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn in my eyes is highly under rated, I want to show you why there is more to it than you have probably realised.

Learning Paths
Learning paths are a great way to explore a topic, there are currently around 1000 learning paths, so what are you waiting for, there is something for everyone in there, which means you. #alwaysbelearning

You can filter your learning by –

  • Product
  • Roles
  • Levels
  • Type (Learning Paths or Modules)

Bookmark your learning choices and come back to them, you owe it to yourself to have learning goals and to finish the learning path or module, don’t start it and leave it, become good at finishing and not good at starting.

Collections are where you can group your own collection of learning paths and modules which might relate to a specific learning goal you have. This is perfect if you are studying for an exam or want to know more about a more general topic like server-less as an example.

If you complete a module within a learning path you earn points and badges along the way and you can see these listed under achievements which can be found under your profile and looks like so: –

I myself have realised I haven’t been using Microsoft Learn for a while and there is a lot of great new content which I am off to check out now.

Let me know which level your on – I’m currently on level 8.

Global Azure BootCamp 2020 – Glasgow Edition

Saturday April 25th, 2020 is the date for this years Global Azure BootCamp Glasgow edition, in conjunction with the Glasgow Azure user Group.

You can read about last year’s event and learn about whats involved and the format for the day, were looking for 6 speakers to come to Glasgow on April 25th and give a 60 minute talk on anything Azure related.

The call for speakers page to submit a talk is now open

The page for signing up to attend will go live Monday 20/01/2010.

We hope to see you there!

Azure Resource GitHub Repository

I have started a GitHub repository for a place to put the following so that the community can benefit from resources I have came across from the community.

I’m looking for others to contribute to this so that the community has a place to find helpful info – please take a look, add your study guides, useful links and more in here and help grow the useful resources we come across.

If you have an Azure Exam Study guide let me know and I’ll add a link to it from the Exam folder to your blog or create a quick pull request.

If you have any useful Azure Resources which aren’t listed then please either let me know or create a quick pull request.

I’m gong to be adding to this over time throughout the year, I’m looking for contributors so we can grow this out to be something useful to a lot of people.

Link to the GitHub Repository:-

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 – Glasgow Edition

Saturday April 27th was the date for the Global Azure Bootcamp, I was organising the Glasgow edition, in conjunction with the Glasgow Azure user Group, we had a great turn out with a lot of swag and one lucky

Each talk details can be found here:-

Duncan Jones – Globally distributed computing for pennies

Duncan (@merion) is a developer in the Financial Services industry based in Dublin, with an interest in DDD and CQRS/ES – he has developed a DSL plug in for creating event sourcing systems in Visual Studio and is the organiser of the Dublin Software Craftsmanship meetup.

Code for the “Hitchhiker systems” talk: Code

Slides: Presentations

Angel M Rayo – Azure DevOps from rookie to DevStar

MCT since 2005, MCSE Cloud, ITIL Expert and more than 10500 hours of training experience in several companies and events like MCT Global Summit, SQL Saturday, SharePoint Day, i.e. @oyara


SlideShare: Azure DevOps from rookie to devstar

Craig Nicol – CosmosDB in the real world

.Net/web developer with 15 years experience, mostly backend and data. Currently a technical architect at Microsoft Gold Partner, Screenmedia. He has have worked in products and consulting for many clients, mainly on the web. His main interests are data security and performance. @craignicol


Link to Slides: CosmosDB in the real world

Ivan Culjak – Building mostly Serverless distributed cloud systems step by step

Ivan is a .NET freelance developer in love with Azure, Xamarin, and the idea of automating whatever. When hes not developing something new, hes salvaging something inherited, consulting with enthusiasm, and testing and breaking new technologies in a quest for something useful. @CuljakIvan



Colin Chaplin – Office365 Migrations in the tens of thousands

Colin is a freelance IT consultant with over 20 years experience in end user computing, especially Exchange, Office365 and Windows 10. He has spoke at Microsoft TechReady and written for the Microsoft Technet UK blog and @ColinChaplin

Slides: Azure Bootcamp – o365 in the 10ks


Henry Bean – Logging, instrumentation, dashboards, alerts and all that – for developers.

Henry Been is an independent architect and developer from The Netherlands. He enjoys working with software development teams to create and deliver great software. His interests include the Azure cloud, Agile, DevOps, software architecture and the design and implementation of testable and maintainable software. @henry_been

This is a recording of the same talk Henry gave to us:

YouTube Video: Logging, Instrumentation, Dashboards, Alerts by Henry Been

GitHub repo: Code

I may be a little bias but I thought the event was awesome, helped by having outstanding speakers who made it a great event, hope to organise it for you all again next year!

Leave your feedback below if you attended.

What is Azure DevOps?

In this series of blog posts I cover Azure DevOps, formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).

So what is it and more importantly what can I do with it?

Azure DevOps has been split up into 5 main areas which are: –








If you want to get a head start with Azure DevOps and get generate a full Azure DevOps instance you can find out how to do this in 5 easy steps in my blog post on how to get started here:-

So lets take each one in turn:-

Azure Pipelines –
Azure Boards – Coming soon…
Azure Repos – Coming soon…
Azure Artifacts – Coming Soon…
Azure Test Plans – Coming Soon…

You can read all the docs on Azure DevOps here: – and follow their twitter account here: –