Tips for Deploying your .Net project

Over the last 20 years I've seen many a deployment, some good, some bad and the ugly, life's too short for manual/long deployments. Here is what I recommend If you have manual steps in your deployments then stop it, now, no seriously, you can deploy with zero manual steps (clicking deploy doesn't count). What to … Continue reading Tips for Deploying your .Net project

Learning PowerShell – Using PowerShell Community Extensions

The PowerShell Community Extensions are a set of additional cmdlets, providers, functions and scripts which the community asked for and have been written for us to use and take advantage of. Once you download PSCX you'll want to add this module to something called your PowerShell Module path, this is the place you'd normally put … Continue reading Learning PowerShell – Using PowerShell Community Extensions

Learn Powershell – ExecutionPolicy

Check what the script execution policy is currently set to on your system:- Get-ExecutionPolicy The options are AllSigned, ByPass, Default, Remote Signed, Restricted or undefined You can read about each of these by typing in the following command:- Get-Help Set-ExecutionPolicy -online This will load the online help for this command, if your ever needing help … Continue reading Learn Powershell – ExecutionPolicy