DDDScotland Restrospective

Developer Day Scotland (@DDDScot) was on Saturday 10th Feb 2018 and was fabulously organised by @crgrieve, @AndrewdeRozario and @ChristosMatskas at a great venue Paisley University in Paisley @UniWestScotland near Glasgow. The even was kindly sponsored by StreamBA, ScreenMedia, Aspose, Net Talent, MBN Recruitment, JetBrains, NDC Conferences, Arnold Clark, Product Forge, Endjin and J.P. Morgan.

I attended the following talks:-

  • Containers jumpstart from a DevOps perspective by @MattVSTS
  • Breaking the Myths Around Artificial Intelligence by @galiyawarrier
  • Secure in Cloud Native by @robinem
  • Beyond C# 7.0 point releases reference semantics and nullablity by @citizenmatt
  • Learning Kotlin as a C# developer by @joe_stead
  • Adding a layer of Chocolate(y) by @gep13

I had a fantastic time and look forward to the next one, Was also great meeting all of the people I managed to speak to, and I also finally meet @tourismgeek.

Many thanks to each and every the sponsors, there were some nice prices won too!

I’ll add more on each talk later today.