70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Study Notes

Hi folks, the following is a little insight into what I have been studying the past 4 months, when I decided it was time to start learning Azure, this is just some of the stuff I have been learning.

The content below is from the 70-532 exam page and the links I have pasted in below each section to help people studying for the exam, the content is also useful for anyone looking for links on a particular area of Azure.

Feel free to share this link out an I hope you find the content useful.

Update: either use the links below or use the GitHub page I have created here: https://github.com/gsuttie/gsuttie-gsuttie.github.io

Create and Manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines (20-25%)
Design and Implement a Storage and Data Strategy (25-30%)
Manage Identity, Application, and Network Services (10-15%)


Design and Implement Azure Compute, Web, and Mobile Services (35-40%)

5 thoughts on “70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Study Notes

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  2. Just wanted to say thank you! This exam is a little mess all over. Neither the books or the exam tests are enough for it. Your notes are saving the day.

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