Create Serverless event Sept 30th

As part of Serverless September there is a very cool event happening on September 30th (starting at 08:00 am Pacific Daylight time) to which I would like to draw your attention.

As you can read above it a one of a kind live event, and who doesnt like a live event right?.

Some of the brightest minds come together to present to you on a number of sessions throughout the day.

If you haven’t looked at anything serverless before, or haven’t kept up to date with what’s new then this is your chance for one day to ramp up your learning by learning from the best.

There are sessions on all sorts serverless related including: –

Developer hacks
Serverless Best Practices
Low-code Serverless Applications
Serverless Security

Check out the list of speakers which include:-

Simon Cotin
Allison Kunz
Linda Nichols
Dona Sarkar
Jennifer Davis
Marie Hoeger
Gwyneth Peña S
Lian Li
Floor Drees
Nitya Narasimhan

Check out the website for much more detail at: –

Go Sign up now and let you’e friends and colleagues know about it too.

Thanks Gregor!.