How to get started with Azure DevOps

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Ok so Azure Devops (formerly Visual Studio Team Services) is out and you have heard good things and want to get started playing around with it.

How would you like to start off with a ready made Azure DevOps template that sets up a lot of the stuff for you and lets you learn how to use it and do whatever you want to it for free?

More info on the solution which we will install below can be found here: –

Ah what is SmartHotel360 I hear you ask, ok read here: –

For instructions on how to setup SmartHotel360 read here:-

I opened this up in Visual Studio 2107 and then built and ran it and you get the full blown website like below: –

In order to get started with AzureDevops follow these simple steps: –

So what are you waiting for go play with AzureDevops for free and learn how to use the amazing functionality that comes with it – enjoy!

Check back soon for much more on Azure DevOps!



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