Azure Resource Graph Dashboards

I attended a session at Experts Live EU 2019 which was about Azure initialization from zero to hero: on-boarding, governance & resources deployment and one of the subject was Azure Resource Graph.

Azure Resource Graph  is a service in Azure that is designed to extend Azure Resource Management by providing efficient and performant resource exploration with the ability to query at scale across a given set of subscriptions so that you can effectively govern your environment.

With Azure Resource Graph you can write queries against your Azure resource so you can gain some very insightful information into your resources., before it wasn’t possible to see all of your resources if you had more than 2000. Queries that you write can be kept private or shared, shared queries are stored within a Resource Group for other users to run.

Resource Graph Explorer allows you to open existing queries, create new queries and run them within the portal and see the results.

An example of a query would be like so: –

I wont show the results for obvious reasons 👀

The really nice benefit I see from Azure Resource Graph is that you can save these to a dashboard and share the dashboard with members of your team/company.

At Experts Live EU @ExchangeGoddess shared an example dashboard which is a simple json file.

The beautiful thing is that the json can be exported and imported into your subscription(s), it doesn’t store subscription id’s etc as it only contains the queries. I was able to take this file and import it into a brand new dashboard and instantly see a very useful dashboard which looks like the following: –




Clicking on the charts take you to the actual query which produces the dashboard, the queries are written in a language called Kusto. You can learn more about Kusto on Pluralsight.

You can grab the json file which @ExchangeGoddess kindly shared from my github repo and then within dashboards insode the Azure portal simply use the upload capability to upload the json file and bingo you’ll have a nice new dashboard where you can learn about your resources and learn more from the existing Kusto queries within the dashboard you now have.

Big thanks to @ExchangeGoddess for sharing this, enjoy!