ExpertsLiveEU 2019 – first time attendee

The ExpertsLiveEU 2019 conference in Prague, Czech Republic, has just finished and I am back in the hotel writing this blog post and wanted to write this before I travel back home to Scotland.

You can read about the 3 day conference at ExpertsLive EU.

The conference has about 400 attendees, with attendees from around 30 countries, the content was fantastic as were all of the speakers. There were a lot of people there who were very smart people, the caliber of speakers was very high indeed.

I learned a lot from most of the sessions and now have a list of things I either need to start learning or ares which I need to learn more about and do a deep dive into that area further.

The speakers referred to being T-Shaped

I believe I am pretty well versed in a number of areas of Azure with a breadth of topics I know a decent amount about, I plan to choose a couple of ares next year to dive deeper into.

I love coming to conferences as you spend the day learning and asking questions, and then you socialize afterwards or during and that’s the real value for me. Making connections and networking are my favorite part and you learn so much more longer term as well.

Being able to speak to product owners and product managers at Microsoft has given me the most value. I speak to these types of people, make a connection, get their contact details and can ask the questions any time.

With Ignite 2 weeks ago, and now this conference I’ve learned the value in attending, meeting strangers, asking them about what they do, and so on and its been an absolute blast, I’m also getting less shy which can only be a good thing.

I will definitely be back at Ignite and at ExpertsLiveEU next year all going well.