How to Monitor changes in your Azure Resources

I was at a recent ThoughtWorks talk in Glasgow about Infrastructure as Code as it was something that was very relevant as to what I was looking into at the time

We wanted to take an Azure Resource Group (dev) and then deploy the entire thing to a new Resource Group (UAT) and use ARM templates and Azure Devops to accomplish this (I’ll cover this in another blog post soon).

But this made me think what happens if there is any drift, i.e. if someone manually changes a setting in the Azure portal then what? – I haven’t yet come to the point where I get alerts on drift but at least I found out where to monitor changes to resources you have within Azure.

So here you can see what was changed and by whom, so if someone was to say change an Azure Function AppSettings it would be shown here with a date and time as well, handy if you need to keep an eye on who changed what and when