Azure Devops: Test & Feedback Intro

Microsoft recently changed the name from Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and rename it Azure Devops.

They also added some new features one of which I will cover briefly to give you a flavour of what you do with it.

With Azure Devops Microsoft have a suite of tools which combined are very powerful and cover a number of topics which I will in turn cover over the next few weeks and months (there is a lot to cover).

This quick blog post will cover some of the functionality in the newly released Azure Test & Feedback.

So the clue is in the name,  and you can use this Chrome Browser extension tool to do the following and a lot more: –

  • Take Screenshots of bugs and have them added straight into your current sprint in your Azure Board (with browser details etc.)
  • Record videos of how you reproduce a bug and again have that added as a bug in the current sprint.
  • Create Test Cases (not looked into this enough yet), but looks very sweet indeed

The below is a screen shot of the extension and you can even watch the quick demo, you can get the Chrome extension here: –


Download it take it for a test drive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂