OpenSource walkthrough step by step LIVE!

Last night I interviewed a chap on my stream called John Aziz, John is 22 years of age and is a Gold Microsoft Studnt Ambassador. His name popped up when I saw this tweet from Savannah Ostrowski who is the Product Lead for the Azure Developer CLI.

I love opensource and I hear good things about Hacktoberfest, which is a month-long celebration of open-source projects, their maintainers, and the entire community of contributors.

I wanted to know more about John, his open source contributions and especially as its related to the Azure Developer CLI which i think if your into Azure at all (not just devs) then you should chekck it out asap.

John came onto my stream last night and introduced himself, he introduced Hacktoberfest and talked people through how they can get started in opensource, and also in Hacktoberfest itself.

John then picks an issue that is needing resolved and starts to work on it LIVE – ok now this is seriously impressive, I havent honestly seen anyone do this yet, I’m sure people do these on streams but I have never spoken to John, hes 22 ,and doesnt even know the Go programming language.

I was thoroughly impressed, if your interested in watching the link is below.

John is going to be working at Microsoft some day and probably not long from now, I have no doubts in that. I hope you enjoy the video and learning about opensource, how to get started