What have I learned so far with Azure?

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So I have been getting my hands on Azure recently and just wanted to blog about what I have learned so far so here goes (condensed version as wanting to get back to learning way more)


App Service Plans

  • What the different levels are Basic, Standard and Premium and what the differences are.
  • App service plans govern how you pay for it
  • Scale out – beef up the VM or the server
  • Scale up – run more than one instance etc.
  • You can have staging environments and automated backups
  • Consumption plan – only pay for what u use

What is Serverless?

  • There are still servers of course – you delegate the management of them to third party offerings
  • Use third party Paas wherever possibleĀ (for example documentDB)
  • Run your custom code on Azure Functions
    – respond to events
    – let the framework work out how many servers you need
    – Functions as a Service (FaaS)

Benefits of Azure functions?

  • Rapid and simple development module
  • Code it within the portal
  • Eliminate boilerplate
  • Extremely reach feature set
  • CI, Kudu, Easy Auth, Certs, Custom Domains, Settings etc. all included
  • Cost effective pricing – only pay for what you use
  • No servers to maintain
  • Automatic scaling

Next up is Azure Functions…




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