Azure Functions

So I have really gotten into Azure Functions of late and reading about some very clever usages of them, more on that later in another blog post coming soon.

I have also just completed a demo order pipeline using Azure Functions which I learned about from a Pluralsight course by Mark Heath called Azure Functions Fundamentals (highly recommended).

During this you build an order pipeline so you use Postman to send an example order in JSON to your azure function(s) which does a number of things, over the course you’ll add an order to Azure Table Storage, add the order to an Azure Storage Queue, generate a license file using Azure Blob Storage and the generate an email and send the license file using SendGrid a 3rd party email provider.

Then you can use the Azure Table Storage Explorer tool to look into what you’ve managed to create within your tables in Azure Storage.

What I like about this Pluralsight course is that I’m learning and also getting to see great demos of how to go about creating azure functions and using them for real scenarios all be it the code isn’t obviously production ready but its all about the learning at the moment.

I haven’t finished this course yet but I will soon and more blog posts will follow, off the back of this course I am hoping to do a talk on FaaS and Azure Functions at work this coming March.