What I hope to learn in first quarter of 2017

So for the first 3 months of 2107 I’m planning on learning as much @Docker as I can.

So far I have it installed on my Mac pulled down some different images and played around with Jenkins Blue Ocean and read some online articles, just some very basic stuff.

My goals for between now and end of March is as follows:-

  • Get used to the commands and try them out and see what is available
  • Read up on stuff like Swarm and the other Docker stuff which at this point I know nothing about
  • Create some basic containers and see whats possible

I have some stuff I’d like to try out and see what’s possible, how easy it is and the end goal is to have done a talk at work in February on Docker and to have learned as much as possible each week whenever possible.

I am going to be using the following links, shout out if I am missing some invaluable content, be it blogs, books or training etc.

That’s it for now, let me know if I’ve missed a great resource.

Gregor, @gregor_suttie