New Job Role

In November last year I was given the chance to change my job role from a developer to become the teams SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) – this meant less time coding and I had to think about this, do I really want to do this as I do love writing code.

Taking a look at the direction the world of web development was heading I had to think do I really want to give up on time coding and look for another challenge, and boy do I enjoy a new challenge.

At this time I was a .Net Developer writing C# and had been doing that for a long time, we were using AngularJS and doing the Agile thing with sprint ceremonies and what not. I really like AngularJS, writing API’s and tying it all together in our sprint work – but something just wasn’t quite right.

Like most companies and teams within companies we had some technical debt to pay back and if you know me well I do love a good moan when things aren’t how they should be.

So now I have the opportunity to fix things, and I think this is my best skill if I’m honest, finding bugs and fixing them or taking something that works and making it better – better is a matter of opinion obviously.

Moving back to my new role, it’s a devops/sre role with my own kanban board and list of stuff to work on with which itself will be mean a number of different things to get my teeth into, work for the rest of 2017 at least.

Some of the things I will get my teeth into this year include improving our build pipeline, database deployments, metrics on a number of things including builds, code quality and the like.

We have some good metrics already and I’d like to add some tools I’ve used in the past which include @OctopusDeploy and @Raygunio

At work I’m an application security champion which means I have to make sure our code is secure and passes all of the security measure in place at work which I thoroughly enjoy – so lots to get stuck into.

Heres to a productive 2017 and we shall see how far I get with some big changes ahead.