What I learned last week – July 30 – 3rd August

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This week I have been busy watching the KnockoutJS videos on Pluralsight, my favourite way to learn a new technology other than sitting coding – I am also working on a little home-brew website and this set of learning videos has been very handy.

What I learned this past week

  • Visual Studio 2012 will be out August 15th for MSDN subscribers.
  • RavenDB has some very cool bundles and this week I looked at the uniqueconstraint bundle – more here.
  • RavenDB has an updated client Nuget package that allows it to work with an MVC 4 application, before this release the RavenDB client package had a conflict in the version of NewtonSoft.JSon used – this is fixed in the latest stable release.
  • Countersoft have releases a beta of Gemini 5 -if you’re not familiar with Gemini its simple, it’s the best issue tracker software on the web today bar none.


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  1. We also love Gemini, had a look at youtrack and it is way too basic for our needs.Gemini 5 seems like a really good upgrade we love it.

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