Dev and Build process

Good processes are something that I take a lot of interest in and something that I always like to read about to see how other people implement thei.

The following is a list of practices we currently follow:-

Visual Studio 2010 runs with ReSharper 6 which also uses StyleCop with certain rules by which the code written must adhere to before Subversion will allow us to commit the code – now this is really nice indeed, it means that everyone who checks code in must use an issue number for the issue tracker we use.

Unit Tests are ran when a build is triggered within TeamCity and the code coverage must reach a certain level on a project or the build fails – this also highlights areas that the code hasn’t got unit tests for and helps to promote the idea of writing unit tests, also for any new code as well as when you write code to fix a bug.

Having around 2000 unit tests run quickly and the code built in around 5 minutes is just sweet.

Who knows what will change in the future but for now I like the way things are done.