Choosing what Technologies/Frameworks to use

I have seen a few of my good friends on twitter discussing what technologies/frameworks they use and why they chose them. I have also seen people saying why they should use this technology/framework over that technology all with really good arguments, as well as people asking which technologies/frameworks/libraries they should look at. Note:- This is … Continue reading Choosing what Technologies/Frameworks to use

Pro Tip : SQL Tips

Calling a udf from SQL Query Analyser SELECT dbo.udf_calculate_working_days('01/01/2000', '01/01/2001') Calling a Table valued function from SQL Query Analyser SELECT * from dbo.udf_calculate_working_days('01/01/2000', '01/01/2001') Get the number of days between 2 dates SELECT DATEDIFF(dd, '01/01/2009' , '01/01/2010') as 'total_days' SQL for when checking against todays date SELECT DATEADD(dd, DATEDIFF(dd,0,@order_date), 0

Pro Tip: Being more productive with ReSharper Live Templates

Whilst watching a @tekpub video about Roy Osherove's TDD Masterclass I saw a tip he gave where he showed how to create a ReSharper Live Template to save time and be more productive, although this was related to TDD you can create your own user template for anything you like, this tip is for creating … Continue reading Pro Tip: Being more productive with ReSharper Live Templates