Dapr 101: with Azure Greg and Marc Duiker

This past week I was joined my Marc Duiker on my Azure stream and Marc came on to cover off an intro to Dapr and show a few examples of why Dapr is such an interesting project if you are doing a Cloud Native project and especially if you are interested in learning more about Microservices and looking for a way to make the complex areas of microservices far less complex.

“Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) is a free and open source runtime system designed to support cloud native and serverless computing. Its initial release supported SDKs and APIs for Java, . NET, Python, and Go, and targeted the Kubernetes cloud deployment system.”

In our livestream Marc introduces Dapr and runs through just a couple of slides before we dive into Visual Studio code, crack open the code and he start’s showing me some demonstrations on using the Dapr CLI showing how to the following:-

  • Dapr 101: start building distributed applications with ease
  • Dapr building block API’s
  • When is it really useful to use Dapr?
  • Demo: State management using Dapr
  • Demo: Resiliency built into Dapr
  • Demo: Workflows using Dapr
  • Demo: Chaining Workflows using Dapr
  • Demo: Observability using Dapr

If you would like to watch the video and learn more then you can watch the video from here:

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