Azure App Service

Moving Azure Web Apps between App Service Plans

This past week a customer asked me why cant I move some Azure Web apps from one app service plan to another so I had a quick look into the issue and learned something new so why not blog about it as its been a while.

The customer had 2 app service plans which were like so:-

App Service Plan 1, West Europe, rg-apps and was the Premium V2 P1:v2 Pricing Tier and OS Type Windows
App Service Plan 2, West Europe rg-apps and was the Premium V2 P1:v2 Pricing Tier and OS Type Windows

Now if you look at the docs (Manage App Service plan – Azure App Service | Microsoft Learn) it states that

“You can move an app to another App Service plan, as long as the source plan and the target plan are in the same resource group, geographical region,and of the same OS type. Any change in type such as Windows to Linux or any type that is different from the originating type is not supported.”

The next part of the docs was the reason why we couldn’t move the apps from App Service Plan 1 to App Service Plan 2.

So to check this I went to each App Service Plan and on the overview screen you can click on JSON view and there you can find the JSON property called “webspace” and they had differing values.

So if you ever run into this issue you can check this webspace setting and that just might be the issue. I am blogging this in case I ever come across this again and I forget what to check.

The Third app service plan that was there, they could move apps into this one without issue. There is a couple of ways to solve the problem and I’ll let you figure out what they might be but the customer decided to leave them as is for now.

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