Work from home setup: mission accomplished

So I am happy to report that my work from home setup is almost complete to a decent standard and I thought it might be useful to cover off what I have – how much it cost, possible alternatives and give some reviews as we go, so as they say lets jump right in.

Note:- people have their own opinions on equipment and the following is my findings.


I bought a Logitech Brio to start off with, excellent quality for the price – was about £125 I think.
I then upgraded to a Sony A6000 Mirrorless Digital camera and the quality is a lot sharper and more professional looking – £550.


So I have every make and model of microphone I think there is, I have a few its safe to say.
I’d recommend the Blue Yet if you want to spend around £100 – decent microphone.
I then upgraded this to the Shure SM7B which is £330 and also bought a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen which cost £110 – this is a significant step up in quality if you need to record audio, pricey but worth it.


To make the background look a little niceer than a blank wall I bought some lights from Govee – which cost £24, the products from Govee are superb.

Other than the above I have a Dell 49″ UltraSharp U4919DW monitor which has been my favourtite purchase out of everything I have bought.

I also bought the Elgato Mic Arm LP – but put my DSLR camera on it which works very nicely – the arm costs £90

I also bought a standing desk from Ikea which cost £550.

So as you can see I spent a lot of my hard earned cash on these things, but I like nice things, and these are all top quality products.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do reach out to me either here or or twitter @gregor_suttie

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