People Networking

I got some great advice from my sister when I was younger regarding networking with people and it stayed with me.

I get people saying to me that I know everyone, I smile at that because that means my hard work is paying off, what do I mean by hard work?

I am different to a lot of people – a lot of people look at things like Twitter and see numbers of followers, etc and they say they don’t care about numbers, I believe them, I really do. I on the other hand think of it differently, I see social media as a way to people network. If I have the opportunity to engage with people who I can help or they can help me then I am going to grab that opportunity always.

If you walked into a conference and you know people and people know you, there is an ice breaker for starters, but not everyone is a social butterfly, trust me neither am I, but I am working on it.

Imagine you could find all of the like-minded people who can help you day to day with questions you may have and explanations without ever leaving your seat or having to troll through wrong stack overflow answers.

Going back to the whole everyone knows you, I took some time to find the people I want to connect with, I work with Azure daily, I looked for all the people who work at Microsoft and are Azure minded people – I follow them and that way I learn more than you would think.

When I went to Ignite 2019 I recognized a lot of people and that was amazing, I spoke to people I had interacted with a little bit on Twitter and now I chat with them regularly.


There is no ego here, If you have an ego then we can’t be friends. I don’t follow people to get numbers up, although the image below does crack me up, I follow people so that I can network, as networking brings opportunities, wide-ranging opportunities at that.

I have had more opportunities than I could ever imagine, I’ve spent the Covid time saying mostly no to people. Networking has meant I have been able to help a lot of people with the Azure exams and also get started learning Azure.

My 2 cents is to network your backside off.

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