Azure Advent Calendar Participant Information

The Azure Advent Calendar kicks off on December 1st through to December 25th this year.

For people taking part (entry is now closed – apologies) we have setup a YouTube Channel to host your entries on your behalf, we will send you back the YouTube link once we have uploaded and scheduled the video.

For participants, please send us the video via a file share such as OneDrive etc. If you do not have one message @pixel_robots and he will send you a link where you can send us your video.

On the day of your entry please publish your blog post live to the world and just add a link back to the website which is

On each individual day we will tweet out the content for each of the 3 entries and use the hashtag #azureadventcalendar

If your needing to add any artwork then please use the following image: –

Any questions please reach out to @Gregor_Suttie or @Pixel_Robots via twitter.