Tips for Running a User Group

A couple of people have asked for some tips on running an Azure user group, I help out with the Glasgow Azure User Group, I don’t run it  the awesome Sarah Lean runs it and does all the hard work, I just help out.

Instead of replying I thought I may as well blog some tips and collate other people’s tips going forward, so here is a list of tips on running a User Group.

  • Try and create a brand for it, think name, website url, logo etc.
  • Use Meetup or Eventbrite, although Meetup seems to be the most popular
  • Get your User Group added to lists of similar typed of User Group in the region
  • Try and generate interest from speakers as far in advance as possible, have a backup plan just in case speakers cancel last-minute (we all have busy lives)
  • Tweet information about the event and use LinkedIn and Facebook to get the User Group name out there
  • MVP’s need to deliver talks to help them maintain their MVP status and are always looking for places to deliver talks
  • Try and get sponsors for your User Group, they might help pay for food and drinks for your attendees
  • Always thanks your sponsors if you have them, they help you keep the User Group running normally
  • Folks always like swag, stickers especially, ask around and see who can get you stickers for your User Group
  • If your running a conference or event I use sessionize, and I recommend it if you’re organising an event
  • Last but not realise your doing a lot to help the community by organising and running a User Group, it’s not easy, so try to get help with it, good luck.

Please leave feedback and your tips after the beep…