Podcast Appearance on RadioTFS

Last week I was invited to be a guest on a podcast called RadioTFS by Greg Duncan among others, which is a podcast about Microsoft visual studio team foundation server, visual studio online and visual studio application life-cycle management.


I wont lie I was nervous and rambled a bit and talk too fast, working on that so that I can get better, got to start somewhere right. The opportunity to appear on shows like this is very welcome and hope to be on more in the future.

I was a guest on Show 171 where I talked about some of the following and more:-

  • Ask Me Anything with Scott Gu – If Carlsberg did meetings…
  • Azure DevOps – How to do a fully automated release (Part 1), Part 2, Part 3
  • Azure Devops – OSS Scanning using WhiteSource
  • WhiteSource Bolt
  • Retrospectives
  • Azure DevOps Blog Posts
  • Azure DevOps Hands-On Labs
  • Azure DevOps Demo Generator
  • New Azure Exams – My thoughts on them
  • Azure DevOps AZ-400 Exam – Study Notes
  • Azure Blobs from C# and Visual Studio – C# Advent Calendar
  • The Second Annual C# Advent

BTW you can find all of the above in more detail on my blog but also please go check out RadioTFS.

If any of the above sounds interesting then make sure to check out the show and the other podcasts where guests like Donovan Brown have been on and other awesome folks.