Azure Exam Tips Part 4 – Create a storage account using the Azure CLI

Tip #4 – I need to know how to create a storage account using the Azure CLI . I need to practice these exams tips regularly in order to try to remember them.

Create a new storage account with a resource group, name,location, sku and kind, then do az storage account create passing in 5 parameters.

So the points to note for Creating a VM in Azure using the CLI are the following key points:-

Create a VM using Azure CLI (know the order) 5 parameters

  • az group create –name GregorExamsRG –location westeurope
  • az storage account create \
    –name GregorExams2storage \
    –resource-group GregorExamsRG \
    –location westeurope \
    –sku Standard_LRS \
    –kind StorageV2