Investing in Yourself

I listen to podcasts and read twitter probably a lot more than I should – why you may ask?

Well for me it’s about investing in yourself, if you want to be smarter than you are currently it wont happen itself, you have to invest time in yourself.

Investing in myself for me means I have dreams which I will fulfil and I have set goals for myself – this year alone I’ve been promoted, done some internal talks, learned a lot about Azure and even enough to do an external talk on it. I plan to do many more talks on Azure going forward.

I’ve written a few blog posts and this will continue when I get some spare time after I pass the 70-532 Azure exam, which I will.

Part of the reason why I want to continue on investing in myself is so that I can surround myself with quality people who I can learn from. I have had my fair share of disappointments in my career and yet I keep going. I will never stop taking hits along the way, I’ve failed the 70-532 exam twice now but I will pass it.

Investing in yourself takes time and it takes commitment, I am committed to learning Azure and passing at least 2 certifications in 2018.

Why Azure you may ask, well I  know .Net and will continue to learn .Net core in my spare time and use it with Azure as I go.

Failure is what life is about, suck it up and get over it.

If you’re not happy in your job or it’s not giving you what you want out of it then move on, don’t hang around if it’s not what you want to do.

So I will continue to invest in myself, I have done throughout my career, but I think its worth talking about that if you have goals and dreams then you need to invest in yourself to achieve them, which I will.