My DotNetCurry Magazine Articles

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Over the last couple of months I have been privileged to write a couple of articles for the free .Net Developer Magazine brought to you by

Its been my first attempt at writing for a magazine and has been a lot of fun, maybe in the future I can write more articles.

Please enjoy and give them a read – and sign up for the magazine – its FREE!

Create a Snappy UI with KnockoutJS -> Issue 3
This article explores KnockoutJS and what KnockoutJS gives you as a developer.

Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2012 -> Issue 4
This article explores the Visual Studio 2012 Web Essential add-on.


What’s New in RavenDB 2.0 -> Issue 5
This article explores RavenDB 2.0

Take a look at these articles and hopefully you will learn something new – Gregor.


  1. I liked the article on knockout at DotNetCurry. the article explains nicely till the point of placing the order, however, after placing the order, there is just an alert message the with the total. However, am trying to get not only the total but the list if selected shopping cart items in the controller. How do I send the selected products in the shopping cart to be sent to the controller placeorder. I am pretty new to Knockout and spent almost a day on trying to get the list of items.

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