What I learned last week – 3rd September – 7th September

This past week I have been mainly working with KnockOutJS, if you looking for a way to create a rich UI that users will love and your building a website then I highly recommend you take a look at KnockoutJS

What I learned this past week

  • Web Essentials 1.1 for VS 2012 by Mads Kristensen has been updated, you can read more here – go check it out.
  • RavenDB Backups – I decided to instead of using the RavenDB Backup.exe – I am going to stick with just exporting the tenant database and saving this off to a network share.
  • At work we are looking at introducing CoffeeScript – CoffeeScript is a language that sits on top of JavaScript and compiles down to JavaScript but has added benefits including making your code cleaner and has much more signal to noise ratio – more on CoffeeScript soon , I’m off to learn more on it via PluralSight.
  • Redgate have taken on the 2 developers who write Glimpse and will be adding to the project – you can read more here.

What did you find useful this week? – please let me know by leaving a comment after the beep.