Twitter Bootstrap – What is it?

What is it? – If your creating a new web project and want it to start off on a good footing using HTML 5, CSS, JQuery, templating, boilerplates and all that’s generally good for a new or existing project then this is for you.

Twitter bootstrap comes with layouts and templates to use all built for you using best practice web standards. Recently it has received a fair bit of attention and there are a large number of people using it out there.


What does it contain? – html templates and boilerplates to get you started, JQuery plugins for a number of things, thumbnails, progress bars, all sorts of navigation aids such as tabs, pagers and label and much, much more.


You can learn more and download it from the official site here.

If you like twitter bootstrap then try this too:- Initializer


How many of you are using it? – have you come across any other useful bootstrap projects? – If so please leave me a comment.