Real World MVC 3 Development

During the last couple of months I have been working with MVC 3 daily and I have used Nuget packages and tools which have helped in a number of areas, in this post I will give a shout out to these tools which help make MVC 3 a pleasure to work with. For the most part Nuget packages can be found for these tools so you can add them very easily and get going quickly.


    • Attribute routing for MVC – Remove any routing concerns/issues and start using this now.
    • T4MVC helps make your MVC code much more maintainable, enough said.

Page Performace

      • Chirpy is an open source Visual Studio Add In For Handling JavaScript, Css, DotLess, and T4 Files, which in essence improves page performance.
      • Cassette – Cassette automatically sorts, concatenates, minifies, caches and versions all your JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, LESS and HTML templates.


      • Mvc Mini Profiler – A simple but effective mini-profiler for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET.
      • Glimpse – What Firebug is for the client, Glimpse does for the server… in other words, a client side Glimpse into whats going on in your server.

Error Logging

      • ELMAH – ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) is an application wide error logging facility that is completely pluggable. It can be dynamically added to a running ASP.NET web application, or even all ASP.NET web applications on a machine, without any need for re-compilation or re-deployment

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MVC is great to work with on its own but these tools can only enhance the development process. Please leave feedback or comments, and also let me know if I have missed out on any tools which I can add to this list.