AOP intro using PostSharp

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) was something that I had heard of but never really looked into beyond a quick dip into it and then moved on – I admit I didn’t think it was something I would use as it looked quite complex when I skimmed over it.

Kendall Miller @kendallmiller showed me a demo of Gibraltar which makes use of AOP and PostSharp and I was hooked when I saw what those guys were up to. To Learn more about Gibraltar Software click on the image below:-

Gibraltar Software

To get started with PostSharp download the demo from their site by clicking on the image below:-

PostSharp you can download the demo from their site and it has a really nice integration with Visual Studio 2010 which takes you through creating aspects and then how to apply them to your code.

Aspects can be created for a number of things such as debugging, tracing, logging and much more, the tutorials within the Visual Studio integration show you how to check whats being applied where with a very cool Aspect browser.

That’s it for now – more to follow when I get deeper into using AOP.