MVC 3 app using jQuery UI and Entity Framework 4 (intro post)

I decided to re-write an existing small application at work using MVC and Entity framework and blog about the things I learn along the way.

The current application is a 2.0 web application which we currently use to book our time on projects for our customers, it’s also probably the only application we have at work so another excuse for me to re-write.

The reason I decided to re-write this was because I wanted to first of all try to learn MVC 3 and look and the new razor engine, I also took this opportunity to use the Entity Framework for the data access which I will cover in the next part of this post.

MVC hasn’t had any real air time at my place of work even though I try to inform developers just how much I like it, it’s so hard to convince people to move from what they know and use daily, to something new and completely different and that is easy to understand, but I love to learn new technologies and look at other ways to tackle something – I guess I do suffer from always wanting to use a new technology.

The next post will cover my thoughts on what I have come across so far and how MVC and Entity Framework fit some projects but not all.