So you want to learn some Azure skillz for free

As you may or may not know I’m on a personal mission to learn as much Azure as I can, its my passion.

I have taken some of the new beta exams recently and have 4 later this month, I’m using the new beta exams as a way to test what I have learnt and to find gaps in my learning.

This blog post will cover all of the different ways I am trying to learn Azure and hopefully this will be of use to someone wishing to learn Azure, from a beginner to someone more experienced.

Everything below is free, yep free.

To start with there is no better place than the new Microsoft Learn pages which can be found ->

Microsoft Learn which is completely free has modules and learning paths which currently cover beginner, intermediate and advanced Azure users.

Within Microsoft Learn you will also find links to Pluralsight courses, LinkedIn courses and Hands on Labs all of which I would highly recommend, there really is something for everyone. Whilst learning using Microsoft Learn you gain points and trophies and you level up as you go, below you can see where I am currently at and the courses I have completed and trophies you gain as you complete your learning.


There will be a lot more added in over time but there is currently 80+ hours of learning material.

The Pluralsight courses which are also free cover Azure Administrator, Microsoft Azure Developer and Microsoft Azure Solution Architect as seen below:-

Pluralsight if you sign up for it has the following courses within its library, again a huge number of courses and fantastic content:-

Along side that is LinkedIn Learning where you sign up and get a free months trial, LinkedIn Learning is actually very good and there is a tonne of Azure courses in there covering a huge amount of content on Azure. Here is a list of the types of things you’ll see if you try out LinkedIn Learning :-

One other great source I wanted to mention was Visual Studio Benefits:-

As  you can see, you get 3 Months Free Pluralsight, 3 Months Free LinkedIn Learning, Access to Microsoft Virtual Academy and much more.

So what are you waiting for, go learn some Azure skills and enjoy the free content!