Adding RavenDB to an MVC application

Adding RavenDB to an MVC 3 application is very straightforward – in this post I will add RavenDB via Nuget and it will run RavenDB in embedded mode.

  1. Start Visual Studio 2010 and Add a new MVC 3 Application, choose Internet Application from the project template option. This will create our new app ready to add RavenDB to.
  2. Ok now to Add RavenDB into your application lets use Nuget to add in the RavenDB Embedded package, go to the Tools Menu and then select Library Package Manager and then Manage Nuget Packages – search for RavenDB Embedded as seen below:-

    RavenDB via Nuget

    Click install and wait a little, it’s a larger package compared to most, also accept the license agreement.

  3. That’s it RavenDB has been added to our MVC 3 application, in the next blog post we will make use of RavenDB in our application.