Visual Studio Team Services – Gated Check-ins: How-To

So you using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and you have some build definitions and your team are doing pull requests but you want their branch to run a build before the pull request is reviewed.

The steps to add gated check in are like so:-

  1. Log into VSTS
  2. Go to the Code Menu and then select Branches
  3. From the list of branches look to the right of master for 3 dots … (ellipses)
  4. Click the 3 dots and then select branch policies
  5. Look on the left under Branch policies
  6. Click on Add build Policy
  7. Choose your build pipeline
  8. Fill that out and then give it a name
  9. Make sure it’s enabled
  10. Now when a user goes to create a pull request and pushes they’re code
  11. The gated check-in will check that the users branch builds before anyone can review the pull request.

This add a quality gate to your check-ins using VSTS.

Hope that helps