Octopus Deploy – my wishlist

OD First of all I’ve been using Octopus Deploy for a couple of months maybe less, and to be honest its freaking awesome, its easy to set up, easy to use, has an awesome API and is just a really well thought out piece of software.

Having used it I have one or two minor little things I’d love to see in the next version, I could go off and find out if there in the uservoice system for Octopus but I like giving credit where credits due so mentioning Octopus Deploy in another blog post is never a problem, anyone I talk to who I don’t work with currently, I always try to get them to go off and take a look at Octopus Deploy.

Moving on here is my wish list for the next version of Octopus, some of them may already be done, may not be an issue, might even just be pilot error from myself but any hoo here goes, off the top of my head.

  • Ability to make a step disabled I know a workaround is to create a dummy environment and set the task to this which will be ignored but disabling steps would be great.
  • Export settings option to be able to export all of the variables.
  • Variables, be able to go back and time and see the variables held against a specific release at on the date and time it was released at.
  • Email Template that you can use to send out which allow variables, this can be used across all projects.
  • Automated releases for doing out of hours releases, this options hard to find.
  • Automated releases which have the option to ignore manual step, so we can release to production out of hours without having to still accept the manual step we normally have
    for production.
  • Backups, when you take a backup have the ability to restore it and not lose all of the packages you had originally – this isn’t huge but a bit of a shock when I restored and we had no packages.
    • I will add more if I come across any but to be very fair this is all pretty much nice to have options.

      By the way did you check our the api for Octopus Deploy in case I haven’t mentioned it before – real nice work!