.Net Demon Review

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In the last couple of weeks I have been using .Net Demon which is an add-on for Visual Studio 2012.

As you write your code in Visual Studio code it can take time to stop and check if the solution still builds as expected, with a larger solution this can become a fairly slow and laborious task – .Net Demon compiles your code as you type, this means you no longer have to stop coding and then rebuild your solution which is a really nice feature. The second you introduce an error you will be notified in the bottom right hand corner – this may sound intrusive but its far from that, your simply notified when you introduce an error.

The tool comes with some nice options including:-

And the description for these options:-

Below I have just opened Visual Studio 2012 and .Net Demon is building the project:-

Below .Net Demon has built all the projects in my solution and is showing no errors:-

Below .Net Demon has built all the projects in my solution and is showing an error after introduced a typo:-

.Net Demon is a very nice little inexpensive add-don for Visual Studio which will speed up your development process and give you a nice little productivity boost for a very small amount of your hard-earned cash, I recommend you give it a try, a 14 day trial is available

Let me know if you try it and what your thoughts are – enjoy.


  1. Although it isn’t quite the same thing, I have found NCrunch to enhance my development experience in similar ways to that you describe .Net Demon as doing. However, it not only keeps building things in the background, but runs the unit tests. If you are using something like a TDD approach, then this helps keep the focus on development through tests, with the side benefit that you know if it is compiling or not.

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