RavenDB Hints and Tips

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RavenDB Here is a list of hints and tips if you’re looking for some help with RavenDB.

  • Sign up for the mailing list where you can see other people’s previous questions and answers to problems on the View the Google Group.
  • To make sure RavenDB doesn’t clash with routing used in MVC change the global.asa.cs file from:-

    {controller}/{action}/{id} to {controller}/{action}/{*id} – Note the * next to the {id} or you can do this.

  • If I choose the Embedded version of RavenDB how do I start the server – to start the RavenDB server locate the RavenDB folder and then look for the server folder and then run Raven.Server.Exe
  • If I install RavenDB using Nuget then what do I do, locate the packages folder which is in the folder one above the solution you’ve added it to on the file system, locate the RavenDB folder and then look for the server folder and then run Raven.Server.Exe
  • How do you view the RavenDB Studio – easiest way is to browse to http://localhost:8080, that’s the default location of installation when you first run the Raven.Server.Exe
  • Unit testing – how best to go about it – the recommended way to go about this is by using the EmbeddedDocumentStore
    which is basically all done in memory, you can set it up like this:-

    var documentStore = new EmbeddableDocumentStore
        DataDirectory = "Data",
        RunInMemory = true,
        UseEmbeddedHttpServer = true
  • Good RavenDB Samples RavenOverFlow and Racoon Blog

If your stuck with something give me a shout I’ll see if I can shed some light, I’ll be adding more tips as I learn more RavenDB.


  1. Hi Gregor,
    Doesn’t the Embedded mode start on it’s own? You don’t need to start any server component if you are instantiating the EmbeddedableDocumentStore. Saying so because I am running an Embdedded Raven sample app on a hosted environment and I didn’t start any server there :-).

    On the other hand if you are using the DocumentStore then you need to instantiate Raven Server as you mentioned.

    You might want to add the tip of how to use the Xap file as Raven client when using the embedded store.

  2. When I use the Sample Data that has a namespace of MVCMusicStore and I call the data as Load(“123”) it returns nothing. If I use Load(“albums/123”) it works. Is this to do with namespaces at all because my little app is not the same namespace?

    Is it just my RDBMS brain taking over or should I not be able to use the former to find the album?

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