Why having coding standards if you dont do anything about enforcing them?

Simple question but how many companies have a coding standards guideline document and do next to nothing about enforcing it?, simple use Resharper.

If you’re a .Net Developer and you’re not using Resharper then I really believe you’re not as productive as you could be – using Resharper with StyleCop you can have share and therefore enforce coding standards which ensures that everyone is writing code to a set of rules which can be defined and then shared across the team.

One of my favourite things about Resharper is the huge improvements you can make to an existing code base, open most projects up and a vast array of code improvements are shown up, such as unused code, unused variables and a lot more.

Finding issues with code, code improvements could not be simpler and once you have defined your coding standards you can click on any file, project or solution and get Resharper to clean your code base against your defined standards.

Starting from scratch on a project or even a class file is even better, as you type improvements are suggested, adding using statements are a matter of pressing Ctrl and Enter. Adding shortcut combinations, changing existing keyboard shortcuts, removing unused code and many more improvements are just a 2 key combination away.

I was so impressed by Resharper I bought myself a personal licence and the latest version is superb.

Selling this to your manager/team leader/boss should be simple, it doesn’t cost the earth and I guarantee it will make you write cleaner, easier to follow, more professional code for the entire team against your companies coding standards which will actually be inforced.

Integrate StyleCop and even indentations, line spaces between methods and so on can all be validated so that everyone in the team’s code is standardised.

Do yourself a favour and go get Resharper