Tip for speeding up your pc or laptop

Recently a friend was complaining that her laptop was running really slowly and I asked her to check the memory within task manager – like in the screen shot of my pc below:-

Memory Screen Shot 1

The problem in her case was that her laptop was using 66% of the total memory available even when it was idle, I mentioned that she sound check how much memory her laptop had and to perhaps get more memory if required – she wasnt sure how to do this so here is a step by step guide to checking what memory your pc had and what it can take:-

  • Go to the Crucial website and look for the System Scanner, download this and then run it, it will scan your pc and give you a whole heap of great info on your pc/laptop memory including how many slots and what chips you currently have.

    Memory Screen shot 2

  • The following video explains how to use the system scanner

Note:- The tool even shows you compatible Solid State Drives (SSD) for your pc.

I highly recommend even trying the scanner to see just how much memory your pc has and what it can go up to, more memory can make a huge difference.