Deploy more often

As simple as it sounds deploying to production can be a complete nightmare, however I reckon it should be done fairly regularly, if you don’t want to deploy to production then there must be valid reason for this – yeah I hear your cry.

Not wanting to deploy to production really means that either you don’t trust your deployment process to production, it takes too long or something else makes you wanna run in the other direction when someone mentions the need to deploy to production.

Deploying to production on a regular basis might seem like a bad idea but really I don’t think it should ever be – you may only deploy to production when a change has been made or a release is ready to go out and that’s a fair point, however deploying even without change can and should in my opinion be welcomed.

A question for me would be can everyone in the team working on the project be able to deploy to production, does your team fully understand whats involved, if not should they?

These are just things to consider but in my opinion no matter how hard a release to production is – the more you do it the less of an uphill struggle it will become and perhaps a different solution will appear.

Comments welcome.