Time for change

I have accepted a new job at Maclean Electrical and will be leaving my current place after almost 11 years as a developer at Pulsion Technology. I have learned a great deal in my time working at Pulsion in Glasgow but it’s definitely time to move on. I start my new job on November 14th, 2011 and cant wait to get going.

Over the years I have worked on a number of different projects and technologies mainly .net and in the Microsoft realm, I have also been contracted out as a consultant to a few companies which was great experience and something I have really enjoyed.

My new role is with a larger firm but with a smaller IT team and I look forward to working on cutting edge technologies. The firm has its eye firmly on the ball when it comes to technology and I cannot wait to get started – combine that with a 10 minute commute to work, a fabulous development environment, passionate development team leader and a ‘lets do things professionally’ attitude made it an offer to good to say no to. The new dev environment setup includes a quad core pc with 3 huge monitors, ReSharper 6 any books I want – all of the ones I have bought over the years they already have.

I will miss the guys I have worked with over the years and thank them for the help they’ve given me and for putting up with my constant moaning.

I will blog more about the new job once I settle in.

Cheers Gregor

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