Tools of the trade

Over the years I have come across a number of tools I have used and wanted to make a note of them so that others can find them useful and so that I have a list for future reference.

The following is the list of tools I use and why I find them of use:-

    Debugging Tools

  • Red Gate Ants Profiler
    If your application is performing poorly or you want to try to work out what might not be the most efficient part of a system you can run Ants performance profiler against your code whilst it runs and this will give you some superb feedback on the slowest lines of code, and can even monitor the SQL which is being ran.
  • Fiddler
    Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler has helped me with a number of issues regarding proxy authentication issues going through company firewalls as well as checking for server errors and so on, its worth spending a short time learning it as it will pay you back in the long run.
  • Glimpse
    At its core Glimpse allows you to debug your web site or web service right in the browser. Glimpse allows you to “Glimpse” into what’s going on in your web server. In other words what FireBug is to debugging your client side code, Glimpse is to debugging your server within the client
    SQL Products

  • Red-Gate Products If you’re using SQL Server a lot and you’re not using some of these products there in my opinion your missing out big time. SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, and SQL Source Control are invaluable products.
    The products only cost a few hundred pounds and save a huge amount of time, making your developers or SQL dba’s far more productive.
      • Useful

      • AnkhSVN If you use Subversion and want to keep track of changes to your code then this add-in is very helpful and integrates with Visual Studio.