DDD Scotland (Developer developer developer #dddscot)

Today I was at my first #dddscot event and it was really good fun, the content covered at the event was quite varied and it was actually quite hard for me to decide what to go and learn and listen about.

I chose to go and listen and learn about the following:-

From .Net to Rails, A Developer’s Story, this was Colin Gemmel (@colin_gemmell) talking about how he moved from being a .Net developer over to the Ruby world and he gave his thoughts on the changes he faced, the good and the bad and also covered a code demo which illustrated just how easy it can be to write Ruby using Gems, have code generated via scaffolding which would scafolld out your code, unit tests and so on.

Next up I went to Chirs Hay’s (@chrishayuk) talk on Building Seriously Scalable Websites with Asp.Net and without Windows – this was very interesting content to me and he covered how the tools and techniques on how some of the top website players go about scaling their sites using servers, load balancing and tools to aid them with doing this. Hadn’t really thought about having the static content on a separate server before and this talk covered some relevant content for where I work at the moment.

The third talk I went to was Don’t Make Me Wait – Faster Websites 101 by Duncan McDougall (@duncanmcdougall)- I thought this talk would have nicely followed on from the previous talk and was the main reason I went to this talk had a load of really good content although I knew a lot of this and soon realised I wish I had chosen something else, something I knew nothing about. The talk was very good just nothing new to me which was just a bad choice on my part to be honest.

The fourth talk I attended was SpecFlow – functional testing made easy by Paul Stack (@stack72) this talk covered ho TDD and BDD and how to creat automated functional tests – Specflow with WaTin was a particularly nice feature and something I will look into more in-depth.

Although there were 5 tracks during the day I left after the fourth track.

Great day learning some very cool stuff, the event is run by the community for the community and was really well done – I would highly recommend to anyone to go to these as they are a great way to meet folk and to learn new stuff and to ask questions.

Well done to everyone involved and hope to be their next year.