.Net upgrade Exam 70-523 – Exam Study Notes

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Having successfully passed this exam second time around and having had some time to reflect on it I thought I would post some useful links and resources for fellow devs who may be sitting this exam.

I cannot go into the content of the exam and tell you about it but I will post the links I used to study for the exam below.

Ok onto the content and links I used to help me pass the exam, dont worry if the content looks for an older exam as this is all relevant:- (The hardest part iof the exam for me was the WCF part of the exam.)

http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=70-523 – keep your eyes on the skills measured.




Passing this exam earns you the following creditations:-

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer .Net 4
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist .Net 4 in Data Access
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist .Net 4 in Service Communication Applications
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist .Net 4 in Web Applications


  1. Hey Greg,
    Thanks for the superb pointers on exam 70-523. I am gonna have to write it again in coming weeks. Any further advice?
    Were questions on your second attempt similar or same as the first exam?

    1. Hi, the questions were very similar and the second time around I had a much better feel for what was going to be asked, tip would be to study the official microsoft page for the learning objectives – I didnt pay enough attention to those topics and spent too much time studying the wrong areas.

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