.Net upgrade Exam 70-523 – Exam Study Notes

Having successfully passed this exam second time around and having had some time to reflect on it I thought I would post some useful links and resources for fellow devs who may be sitting this exam.

I cannot go into the content of the exam and tell you about it but I will post the links I used to study for the exam below.

Ok onto the content and links I used to help me pass the exam, dont worry if the content looks for an older exam as this is all relevant:- (The hardest part iof the exam for me was the WCF part of the exam.)

http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=70-523 – keep your eyes on the skills measured.




Passing this exam earns you the following creditations:-

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer .Net 4
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist .Net 4 in Data Access
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist .Net 4 in Service Communication Applications
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist .Net 4 in Web Applications